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A great chance to get kids started on not only a love a music, but an understanding of things like mathematics & dexterity.

Alycia Detvay

Miss Vanessa is a very patient, understanding, fun and knowledgeable teacher! My daughter has been taking lessons for about a year from Miss Vanessa, and she is definitely the wiggly type. Vanessa was able to help her focus and understand the importance of practicing not just with piano but with other things in her life that she wants to get better with. I would highly recommend Miss Vanessa if you or anyone you know is interested in piano and or learning how to read music!

Sandrine Ostrow

Vanessa is so patient, kind, and playful with our five year old as he begins to learn piano (We also get to hear funny things from him like, "My fingers aren't that stretchy!"). I can tell she is an expert with children, thanks to many years of experience as a public school teacher. We look forward to lessons and Vanessa is quickly becoming a friend.

Hope Forti

Vanessa is very patient! She redirects our little one well. She provides constant positive feedback. Her supportive and encouraging teaching style promotes confidence in our little one.

Juliana Olson-Deans

My daughter received her first piano lessons from Ms. Little and she has grown to love music up into her adult life. She has learned to read and listen to notes from other artist and played their music. Highly recommend!

Laura Gennitti

Miss Vanessa gave all 3 of my daughters lessons. Even though it was a few years ago they still speak fondly of her. They always enjoyed the time they spent with her and she was very supportive and kind. I would highly recommend her! Thanks Miss Vanessa

Rhonda Weaver

Vanessa is incredible! She knows how to connect with kids and make them feel accomplished-my daughter has a hard time focusing while learning... but not with Miss Vanessa! We will probably have her tutor her in math as well. It's been amazing to watch how fast she is learning piano!

Jacqueline Ellis

We love Miss Vanessa! She's very encouraging, works at each child's pace, and fosters regular improvement. We couldn't be happier!

Aaron Retka

Our granddauther catches on to new piano concepts quickly, and in past piano recitals has done a beautiful job showing what she knows. Can't wait to see her next recital. Thanks Vanessa - you are a great teacher!

Lori Kelly

Customer Reviews

My daughter s enjoying her instruction with Miss Vanessa so much & she continues to be engaged and motivated to keep learning and growing. Miss Vanessa is extremely knowledgable and encouraging, which is exactly what every parent hopes for in any of their children's teachers. We are so thrilled to keep taking piano lessons and allowing our dauther to have fun & reach her full potential.

Dionne Roberts

Miss Vanessa is the best! My daughter has learned so much but more importantly she's having fun and developing a genuine appreciation for music.

Jill Marthaler

My four year old son has learned the fundamentals of piano, how to focus and how to work hard. I highly recommend Miss Vanessa's Piano Studio to any parent who wants their child to learn from a knowledgeable, kind and trustworthy instructor.

Joy Thea

My dauther has learned so much and has had an amazing time!

Michelle VanWingerden

My child has loved learning and playing piano with Miss Vanessa. In just a few short months, he has come so far! Miss Vanessa is very patient and encouraging! I can’t wait to see his progress over the next year!

Amalie Chango

Vanessa's piano classes have been great for our child. Vanessa has a way of keeping our kid engaged and driven to explore piano and learn more. Our kid is excited to go to class and talks about it when's she's away.

Josh Rafail

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